EST Group Mission

EST’s mission is to make banking as intuitive as unlocking your phone with your fingerprint. This vision is possible through unleashing the potential of emerging technology, understanding problems that economies are facing and pragmatically investing in alliances and partners to complete the ecosystem.

Value Proposition

Unleashing the power of innovation has been easier. EST Group gives you unprecedented control over your transformation.

As a transformation partner, we deliver exactly what you need the way you need it. EST Group is preferred for organizational transformation for a reason.

One-Stop-platform for Finance and banking technology Solution
Integrated System for a holistic approach
Access to a global partner ecosystem

Our Projects


Moventz is a Crowdfunding platform for Funding movies and events. The platform is designed for aspiring producer or moviemaker who needs a way to bankroll their dreams. By using digital receipts, blockchain, and smart contacts, you can easily get funding for your new films, web series, events and etc. Moventz platform provides a transparent ledger of all expenditures, receipts, entitlement, and ownership of each project listed in our platform.


Fintech is an aggregation platform for cooperatives- allowing interoperability between organizations while handling deposits, investment plans, and withdrawal transfers and creating a gateway that connects to a marketplace. In this process, we have aggregated capital that enables us to offer various services to our clients, such as -microfinance, SME loans, farmer loans, and utility loans.


EST Lite Blockchain is a Fintech-grade blockchain built for high-performance financial smart contracts with a focus on the financial technologies sector and corporate finance market. It is not only designed for raising capital but for providing further utility functionality in the respective marketplaces, which creates the need to monitor securities on the blockchain.

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